March 24, 2022

I GUESS YOU HAVE TO ASK A BIOLOGIST WHICH STANDARDS APPLY TO YOU: Gendered Scoring, No More Leg Tucks: Army Unveils New Fitness Test. Here’s What You Need to Know. To be honest, these don’t seem so hard. I could get 100 on most of these, even without the age adjustment — except the 2 mile run, which I’m not sure I could do in 13, in fact I’m pretty sure I couldn’t — and I’m a (late-) middle-aged law professor. But apparently it’s not just me: “That minimum run time for male soldiers is a minute longer than the previous version of the ACFT that the Army previously trialed, following data showing the run is by far the most failed event for both genders.”

The bigger adjustments were for women:

Steam picked up for Army planners to create a new test around the time when combat arms jobs such as the infantry and cavalry were opened to women in 2015. The force initially sought to create a gender-neutral test and attempted to juggle dueling goals of creating a more inclusive force while also creating a fitter force.

But damning findings from Rand Corp. and concerns over the retention and recruitment of women crushed that ambition. Researchers at Rand found that only 52% of enlisted active-duty women were able to pass the original design for the ACFT, compared to 92% of men in their congressionally mandated study released Wednesday. Only 42% of women in the National Guard and 41% in the Reserve could pass.

Can’t they fix that by just identifying as men? I dunno, I’m not a biologist.

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