EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY, COMRADE PUTIN! Belarus Rail Lines Carrying Trains With Supplies for the Russian Army Are Being Hit by Sabotage Attacks. The saboteurs are apparently Belarusians who oppose the Russian-puppet ruler of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. “Russian forces are already under pressure by the rear area campaign being waged by Ukrainian Territorial Defense forces inside Ukraine. If an active insurgency takes root in Belarus aimed at the rail trunk resupplying the Russian troops in the northern theater of the Ukraine front, they will find it hard to sustain themselves. The real question is if the sabotage campaign takes off, and it looks as though it is primarily the work of Belarus citizens rather than Ukrainian commandos, how hard will Lukashenko try to suppress it?”

At this point, no one seems eager to stick their neck out for Putin.

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UPDATE: More here.