January 25, 2005


For the second day in a row, the New York Times has a positive Iraq piece, this one about Sunnis wanting to have a part drafting the consitution. For weeks, administration insiders have been telling me how: 1) the Shiite slate has been amazingly respsonsible in its actions and statements; 2) there will be plenty of chances to buy reasonable Sunnis into the political process even after the January 30 election. Stunningly, both points have now been reported and given high-profile play in the Times.

That’s news, all right. Here’s the story.

UPDATE: Capt. Ed has more on the terrorists’ plans to disrupt the Iraqi elections, and observes: “What I find most fascinating is the terrorist reliance on the media and their confidence in manipulating journalists to the terrorist ends.” Terrorism is parasitic on modern media. Or, perhaps, symbiotic.

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