March 21, 2022

PUSHBACK: McConnell on SCOTUS nominee: She won’t answer this one basic question. “McConnell tipped his hand a little as he said that during the traditional introductory meeting with her in his office, she refused to say if she supports packing the Supreme Court by expanding the number of justices. He asked, he said, because both RBG and Justice Breyer, who provides the open seat with his retirement, gave their opinions on the subject. Both answered that they do not support expanding the Supreme Court. By not answering a pretty basic question, she likely will not get many Republican senators to vote in her favor.”

Plus: “What we won’t see, as McConnell pointed out this morning, is the kind of hearings that Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett endured at the hands of Democrat opponents. We won’t hear Senator Feinstein insult KBJ’s religious faith, as she did to ACB. Remember when Feinstein said, “When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you,” of ACB’s Roman Catholic faith? I seriously doubt that Senate Republicans will go back to KBJ’s high school and college yearbooks and ask inane questions about college slang and party language as they did against Kavanaugh. Republicans will likely ask pointed and compelling questions of her, as they should, but probably will not make it personal.”

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