CHARLES STROSS UPDATE: Reader Dave Price likes Singularity Sky:

Thanks so much for recommending Singularity Sky. Read it this weekend. Of course, being a huge fan of physicist Brian Greene’s Fabric of the Cosmos and The Elegant Universe, I was hooked by the first mention of quantum entanglement and causality violations. I also read the suthor described as a “leftist,” which gives me great hope for the future as it seemed to endorse a lot free-market libertarianism ideals. If this is the kernel of a someday-to-emerge neoleftism, who knows: I might even vote Democrat some day.

I’d like to see more forward-looking, free-market Democrats. I have, by the way, just received a copy of his forthcoming book Accelerando. It’s set in the near-future, and looks pretty interesting, but I haven’t actually read it yet.