AMERICAN MONARCHISTS, and Princess Caroline. “These people have every right to work the family name and connections, but as voters, I think we’re generally foolish to support the dynastic system. We would be much wiser to examine the lingering feelings that draw us to the idea of Noble Families and Great Houses–the whole idea of nobility that our coutry tried to break from 200-plus years ago. . . . How sad that even Hollywood rejects the brand-name/family-mystique idea, but the voters can’t. Lots of movie star children get an easy break into films, but the vast majority of them fail pretty quickly. The success rate is low. In politics it is extremely high. That’s pathetic. . . . I was repulsed by the idea of ‘saving’ the Delaware senate seat for Biden’s son, the ‘natural heir.’ I was stunned by how quickly and easily the beltway boys all jumped onto that idea.”