VISITED MY GRANDMOTHER at the rehab home, where we improved her evening by, among other things, bringing fresh barbecue. She’s eaten barbecue at least weekly since some time in the Wilson Administration, and it seems to have done her some good.

UPDATE: Ed Cone emails to ask if it was North Carolina-style barbecue. As if! My grandmother’s health and longevity probably stem from all the healthy lycopene in the tomato-based Alabama/Tennessee-style barbecue she’s consumed.

And, jeez, going to that place is just proof of how well she’s doing. At 90 she’s one of the older folks there (though she’s already found a friend in a feisty 93-year-old woman who, like her, is rehabbing from an orthopedic injury), but she’s in so much better shape, physically and mentally, than most of the people there that it’s amazing. Still, she likes to point out many touching scenes, such as an man who comes three times a day to feed his mostly-paralyzed stroke-victim wife, and who sits holding hands with her in the lounge “like newlyweds,” she says.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Janet Nickell emails: “How about some grandmother blogging? She sounds like a wonderful woman.” She is. I’ll see what I can do.

And I’ll see if I can dig up the picture of her in a swimsuit, on a motorcycle, in Daytona in 1932.