TSUNAMI HELP REQUEST: Reader Mike Weatherford emails:

I’ve been working since Saturday with the folks from the Southeast Asia Earthquake and Tsunami blog, trying to do my bit to help reduce the suffering of the people suffering from the tsunami disaster. I don’t have any loose cash, so I’ve been donating the only thing I can give – my time and my knowledge of imagery analysis. We’re trying to do two major tasks with the Ground Zero Information page: provide a single reference point for information on the extent of damage – including photographs – of the tsunami impact areas, and to provide information on what’s being done, and what still needs to be done, to help those affected. The one thing the group needs desperately is more willing hands, especially people knowledgeable in HTML, XML, and the Internet. We also need more imagery. I know the military is working on the same issues, but their imagery is classified (I know, I’ve worked enough of it!). Anything that you – or anyone – can do to give us a hand would be appreciated – not only by us, but by the thousands of people that our effort may help, even if it’s a small amount.

If you can help ’em out, drop by and let ’em know.