February 27, 2022

THERE SEEMS TO BE AMAZING WORLDWIDE UNITY ON THIS: Australia to send lethal weapons to Ukraine. “Australia will provide lethal military equipment to Ukraine to help the Ukrainians resist the Russian invasion. The Australian government’s announcement Monday gave no details on what material it may be sending. The move follows an offer on Friday of non-lethal military equipment, medical supplies and a $3 million contribution to a NATO trust fund for support of the besieged country.”

Meanwhile, what countries are stepping forward in support of Putin? Even China is distancing itself.

UPDATE: A friend, an actual first-generation Australian-American, texts: “Now all my ancestral island needs to do is stop going Putin on its own people.” Yeah, I can’t help but feel that some of the enthusiasm for this among the West’s ruling class is based on the hope that it will distract their own citizens from the actions of the past two years.

Also: The Russians Have Paused the Invasion But Aren’t Losing. I dunno, I’m inclined to think that in these circumstances, if you’re not winning, you’re losing, especially as opposition solidifies worldwide. But what do I know? I’m just a simple law professor with a personal website.

And I like this T-shirt.

MORE: Texting with a friend I commented: “I’m pro-Ukraine, but I get nervous when the establishment agrees with me.”

He replies: “I’m just liking Ukraine pantsing Russia for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. Makes China think twice. Underscores the value of an armed citizenry. Makes Putin look like a fool.”

All good things. But if the establishment is this happy, should I be? Maybe.

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