Vladimir Putin’s attempted rape of Ukraine isn’t going as easily as he expected, and the determination of the Ukrainian people is why.

This is a nation that elected a comedian its president, not as a stunt but as the biggest possible middle finger to defeatism, cynicism and fear. And that president refuses to flee, like countless other electeds.

How many members of Congress would take up arms, as much of Ukraine’s Parliament is doing?

The fierce resistance matters, and not just in holding off Putin’s army of conscripts. It is inspiring the world.

The West may have hesitated in advance of the assault, but it’s rallying. Nation after nation is sending materiel to Ukraine, with even Germany side-stepping constitutional restrictions to help the freedom-fighters.

Not all of Europe is yet on board with fully kicking Russia out of SWIFT, but it took a big step in that direction Saturday, blacklisting much of Putin’s banking sector.

Fear is losing. Sweden and Finland are talking of joining NATO — even knowing it was that prospect that most enraged Putin in Ukraine’s case.

Kyiv and the rest of the country remain in grave peril. But the resistance so far is also a warning that, at the worst, Ukraine won’t stay conquered. The nation’s already forced one Russian puppet prez to flee — any new one will face the same staunch opposition.

As much we can, let us all show solidarity with this nation of heroes. Fly the blue and gold flag if you can get one; wear the colors — send your kid to school in a yellow shirt and blue jeans.

Tell bloody Vlad: You are f–ked.