MEGALOMANIAC LEADERS’ PLANS BACKFIRING SEEMS TO BE BECOMING A THEME THIS WEEK: Did Trudeau Create a Dangerous Run on Canadian Banks by Freezing Protesters’ Bank Accounts?

According to the Canadian financial blog Armstrong Economics, the emergency powers activated by Justin Trudeau to cripple the trucker protests have sparked panic among citizens, which could lead to a devastating financial crisis. On Feb. 14, Trudeau enacted the Emergencies Act, which enabled Canadian banks to freeze the assets of anyone who donated to protests against the vaccine mandates — without due process or any court action.

Trudeau then ordered the banks to unfreeze the accounts after the protesters had been cleared away. But what is reported to have happened after that is being ignored by the corporate press. Armstrong Economics says there was a stunning run on banks across Canada, as scared citizens are withdrawing their life savings and transferring it to foreign banks in the United States and elsewhere.

Personal anecdotes responding to the Twitter thread below also show that Canadians are having trouble removing their money from the banks, and that the feeling at the banks is very strange. One user said, “The bank TD; told me to come back Monday, my Daily cash withdrawal was denied Friday. I have taken out larger amounts everyday.” Another said, “It is absolutely true. The lines were out the doors and a bank teller told me at one branch not to visit a specific branch because they had run out of funds that day. It’s very real. The energy inside the bank was clearly not good.”

Why would you leave your money in a bank where not only is it at risk from government action, but the bank didn’t even try to fight to protect it?

Plus: “If I was a betting person, I would bet half my stake that something very serious is happening in the background of the Canadian financial system, and it appears the leaders inside government, as well as leaders in the international financial community, are reacting and trying to keep things quiet.”

Also: “Jordan Peterson, famed Canadian philosopher, says he’s been in contact with a ‘reliable source’ in the Canadian military who advised him to take his money out of the Canadian banking system because the situation is ‘far worse’ than anyone is being told.”

Even more than the rest of society, the banking system depends on trust. Break that trust and you break that system. People used to know that, but our leaders today are both much more feckless, and much, much dumber, than those of the past.

Anyway, I almost wish I had some money in a Canadian bank, just so I could take it out. In cash.