AMAZON.COM is accepting donations for Tsunami relief. The total is currently $112,000.00, but it’s rising very rapidly. “Stingy,” eh?

UPDATE: Reader Jared Phillips writes:

I am absolutely amazed at what I am seeing – if you go to the amazon site you’ll see the click to donate. On that next page you see the amount collected and the number of donors.

Now click refresh on your screen.

It is increasing literally every single second. I am totally blown away. In the 5 minutes since I donated it has increased by 1,000 donors.

Yeah, I just looked and it’s headed toward $400,000 already. Doesn’t look stingy to me. I wonder if any of ’em were U.N. employees . . .

MORE: Jeff Jarvis says that Amazon is already sending more money for tsunami relief than the French government.

STILL MORE: Holy crap, it’s just broken a half-million bucks, less than four hours after it was at $112,000. Donations are about fifty bucks each. Stingy, eh? Well, here’s some more stinginess:

The Everett-based aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln is headed to the Indian Ocean to help with tsunami relief efforts.

And there’s this:

More than 5,000 military personnel of the Navy’s Expeditionary Strike Group 5 will skip their New Year’s holiday on Guam to fulfill a humanitarian mission in Sri Lanka.

The USS Bonhomme Richard docked in Apra Harbor yesterday for what was originally planned to be a five-day stay, but was called to bring relief aid to the inhabitants of Sri Lanka who were devastated by a tsunami this past weekend.

Stingy, indeed.