YOU DON’T NEED AN ASTEROID: There’s been an earthquake/tsunami in the Indian Ocean. The Command Post has a roundup; it seems quite horrific.

Malaysian blogger Rajan Rishyakaran is posting numerous updates, with links to bloggers from around the region. And here’s more from Indian blogger Nitin Pai.

UPDATE: Historical perspective, from Amit Varma, who remembers the Maharashtra quake of 1993. And Malaysian blogger Jeff Ooi has more, and a huge roundup of links to other bloggers in the region. Fellow Malaysian blogger Peter Tan is posting regularly, too, with reports from the affected areas.

It seems clear that the scope of this disaster is enormous, and the death-toll figures are likely to rise considerably as we learn more.

MORE: Here’s an extensive discussion thread from Slashdot, with lots of useful information.

STILL MORE: The United States is offering aid to affected nations. And quite a few readers want to know where they can send donations. I don’t know, but Tim Blair is promising to post information on that as soon as he has some.

MORE STILL: Here’s a first-hand report, with a photo.