A Ukrainian court says a key change to the country’s election law violates the constitution, in a dramatic ruling on the eve of Sunday’s presidential vote.

A reform limiting voting from home was passed by parliament amid the crisis generated by November’s disputed poll.

Viktor Yanukovych’s backers challenged the law, saying it would discriminate against the disabled and housebound.

Their solicitude for the less-fortunate is commendable. Meanwhile a reader sends this, from Dick Morris:

The stakes for global liberty couldn’t be higher. In Russia’s bid to come back as an imperial power, the Ukraine struggle is the equivalent of Hitler’s bid to remilitarize the Rhineland. A determined stand here will keep Russia (145 million) and Ukraine (50 million) separate and cripple Putin’s imperial ambitions. With Ukraine inevitably drawing closer to the EU and further away from Moscow, its chances for prosperity and freedom will increase.

But all depends on forcing the country’s powers-that-be to count the votes accurately.