December 10, 2004


Nobody I know seriously claims that Jack Goldsmith is not qualified to serve on the Harvard Law Faculty. . . .

So why are the liberals, including three of the five international law specialists at Harvard, opposing him? Not because he is incompetent, but because they don’t like what he thinks. It is the worst sort of McCarthyism; but, of course, that’s precisely what the academic left is best at.

He accuses Jonathan Chait, and Nick Confessore, of engaging in that sort of McCarthyism themselves — or else of being too dense to recognize it.

UPDATE: More here. And it’s not just Harvard where this sort of thing is an issue:

“Intellectual diversity must be respected at Foothill College,” said Ahmad Al-Qloushi. “This grievance will not detour us from our goal of having Foothill’s Board of Trustees pass the ‘Academic Bill of Rights’ as official school policy.”

In fact, I’d say that Harvard is doing better than many other institutions.

UPDATE: More, including a commenter who defends Foothills, here.

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