MY EARLIER POST referencing Charles Stross’s Iron Sunrise — in which a warblogger, for the Times of London no less, is a major character — produced this email from Tim Kyger:

Stross is, IMHO, the best thing to hit SF since…well, possibly the cyberpunk movement of some 20 years ago.

You’ve certainly read Singularity Sky by now?

His story collection, Toast, also has some great stuff in it; I’m now reading his The Atrocity Archives, and it, too, is great fun.

His coming book Acclerando is going to be an award winner. IMHO, of course.

I liked Singularity Sky, in which Stross demonstrates a Ken MacLeod-like ear for absurd political cant, very much. So far I’m liking Iron Sunrise, too. I haven’t read the short stories yet.

UPDATE: Reader Tom Bridge points out that Stross has a blog.