RICHARD REINSCH: Larry Fink of BlackRock and His Global Crusade to Advance Identity Politics. “Larry Fink has emerged as the point man for environmental, social, and corporate governance capitalism, broadly known as ESG. As chief executive officer of BlackRock, which holds a $10 trillion global portfolio, Fink leverages this immense power to compel companies that BlackRock invests in to comply with an aggressive climate change and diversity agenda in their operations. Fink’s BlackRock is committed to a net-zero carbon strategy, and seeks global conformity across its clients on sustainability reporting measures, i.e., they must prove that their companies are seeking this goal. His annual letter to CEOs is closely read, and, it would seem, followed.”

This is rather a lot of unaccountable power. We’d be hearing a lot about its dangers if it weren’t being deployed in service of a leftist agenda.