HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER WITH THIS ADMINISTRATION: By-the-book Breyer said to be miffed retirement leaked.

Associate Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is reportedly miffed that his retirement was leaked, a violation of his practice of following protocol by the book, according to longtime court-watchers.

Sources said that he was beginning the standard process of scaling back, with plans to announce at the end of the current term in several months.

“He is a by-the-book stickler for following protocol. You announce your retirement at the end of terms, not in the middle,” one insider told Secrets today.

“He did not plan for this to leak out. He was just beginning the standard process of winding down,” added the source.

Fingers were pointed to the White House, which has been desperate to change news coverage from the president’s bad polls and policy failures, including several promises he failed to deliver to the left wing of his party.

You can always change your mind, Stephen. You haven’t retired yet.