ANALYSIS: TRUE. “It seems sort of silly to pick a fight over the administration’s position on Mexico when there doesn’t always seem to be one.”

As part of a discussion of how Biden and Harris are failing generally, by two NYT columnists. When you’ve been president for less than a year, and you’re a Democrat, and the NYT is running stories titled “Welcome to the ‘Well, Now What?’ Stage of the Story,” it’s not a good sign.

Plus, from the comments:

Her ‘silly’ comment was a perfect illustration of why serious problems, really priority problems, we’re staring at here in America should not be left to news and opinion writers in Manhattan, or lifelong bureaucrats in Washington D.C. Neither of them are the kind of people who make things happen. These are not action people. These are cocktail party attendees, where they can harumph and chuckle at those with actual actionable ideas that may not have come from a Princeton, Harvard, or Columbia grad.

We have somehow allowed ourselves to be led, for years, by this cocktail party club. The results are in. It’s not good.

Analysis: Also true.

Plus: “In other words, it means admitting Trump was right. But Bret Stephens isn’t willing to do that any more than Biden is.”

UPDATE: From the comments below: