OF COURSE HE DOES: Gov. Blackface Pardons Perv: Northam Absolves Democrat Jailed for Underage Sex Crimes in Final Act as Governor. “Morrissey, who won reelection to the House of Delegates while campaigning from jail in 2015, told the Washington Free Beacon on Friday that he ‘absolutely’ felt vindicated by Northam’s decision to pardon him. . . . After he was convicted of assault for punching his handyman in 1999, Morrissey was barred from practicing law in federal courts for allegedly trying to bribe a Habitat for Humanity employee to falsify his community service hours. . . . Northam, who leaves office on Saturday, is best known for dressing up in either blackface or a Ku Klux Klan hood and declining to answer questions about it or resign. He will be succeeded by Republican governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, a businessman and Virginia father of four.”