THREE REASONS:  The Left Controls Almost Everything, So Why Are They So Afraid?

1) They’re starting to suspect that the people who stayed silent all these decades aren’t on their side. This goes against their trust in the “arrow of history” and could mean they’ve always been wrong.

2) Technology is rendering the fields they long-marched through irrelevant. Their most concerted media campaign against a sitting president failed so spectacularly that they had to fraud at the last minute, in front of everyone.  Conversely their tongue-laving of Brandon didn’t prevent Let’s go Brandon going viral. They’re pushing the lever and it’s not working. Worse, the covidiocy has destroyed one of their centers of power: schools, and convinced a lot of parents to raise their own kids.

3) Everything they take over stops working. Everything. From the arts, to the culture, to news, to now industry. They’re perplexed and scared by this. And starting to panic.