GOOD: National School Board Association ‘at risk of total collapse.’ After trying to sic the FBI on parents, it needs to be destroyed as an example to other organizations.

The proper White House response to this absurd letter from the NSBA would have been silence. A handful of threats and arrests at school board meetings (including the arrest of one parent who was angry that activists were discounting the rape of his daughter) do not justify a nationwide reaction from the FBI. Instead, the DOJ issued their own memo planning a nationwide coordination with school boards, one that was clearly intended to put a chilling effect on lawful parent protests.

The NSBA apologized for the letter and they are now paying a a heavy price for sending it in the first place. Unfortunately, the White House has not apologized for soliciting the letter or for taking it seriously when it arrived. The Biden administration should also pay a heavy price for their involvement in this shambles and I suspect they will this November.

Examples need to be made all around.