TENNESSEE’S DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR PHIL BREDESEN plans to scrap the state’s TennCare medical program as too expensive. TennCare was a testbed for HillaryCare, and a model for Kerry’s health care reform plan.

UPDATE: Michael Silence has a roundup, and notes that Tennessee’s plan covered a higher percentage of the populace (nearly a quarter of Tennesseans) than any other state plan.

ANOTHER UPDATE: SKBubba: “The more I think about it the more think it’s a bluff — brilliant political theater unlike anything in recent Tennessee history. And it will work for the Governor, one way or another.” As I’ve said before, national Democrats who want to win elections could learn a lot from Bredesen.

And there’s more on TennCare’s problems, here.

MORE: Bill Hobbs has some thoughts on what Bredesen is trying to accomplish.