December 29, 2021

AS CLAYTON CHRISTIANSEN NOTED, DISRUPTION COMES FROM THE BOTTOM UP: Waymo To Use Chinese Geely Robotaxi Body. This Should Send Shivers Into Western OEMs. “This is why the shift to robotaxi is frightening to car OEMs. Customers don’t care a lot about the brand of the car that picks them up. . . . The long-term goal for robotaxi players is to make a service that can function as a car replacement. That urban dwellers will decide to use that service and reduce the number of cars they own; first from 3 to 2 or 2 to 1, but in some cases to zero. Instead they will buy everything as a service from the robotaxi company: Vehicle, energy, maintenance, parking, insurance, financing, repairs and more. They won’t even know they have switched to a Chinese maker from a western one.”

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