SOME OF US FIGURED IT OUT WHEN THE LOCKDOWNS MADE NO SENSE WHATSOEVER:  COVID-19 a Pandemic of Fear ‘Manufactured’ by Authorities: Yale Epidemiologist.

Let’s say you’re one of those insane people who dismissed the low numbers of death/serious illness aboard the Diamond Princess because apparently people on cruise ships have “top quality medical care” (Coo-ey! Is the sky made of candy floss in your world?) in what world — even a candy floss sky one — did it make sense to close local grocery stores but keep walmart open? In what world did it make sense to direct flow in stores so everyone crammed in through the same door, and everyone walked the same path (thereby a crowded/grimy, etc. path)?  In what world did reducing hours of stores make sense? In what world did it make sense to wear a mask to your table then remove it to eat? (Are you less contagious when sitting?) In what world did curfews make sense? In what world did mask mandates outside in botanic gardens and zoos make sense? In what world did it make sense that you were hectored for getting out and driving around, while remaining your car?
In what world did the government stomp on every — no matter how crackpot or inocuous — rumored treatment? In what world, despite all studies to the contrary, do two layers of thin fabric stave off viral infection? In what world are doctors and nurses laid off by the thousands during a supposed pandemic? And finally in what world does it make any sense that a completely ineffective — if not (the numbers are not trustworthy in the sense that we can’t trust anything from collection to reporting, but in the UK there are indications that way) counterproductive — vaccine is being forced on the population by government mandate?

Your government is trying to terrorize you. In face, governments all over the world are trying to terrorize their subjects.  As the “blue model” (Socialist/Marxist-lite model of governance) founders on its internal contradictions and the demise of mass media allows us all to see it, the overreaching, engorged governments and their minions are trying to subdue those they consider their subjects by any means necessary.

Proceed accordingly.