SALENA ZITO: Cambria County fights population loss in little, big ways.

Reggie Canal began the process of moving from New York City to this Cambria County city this past July. The Queens native is a financial adviser who has spent much of his life working in the five boroughs as well as various places abroad. He was lured here for a number of reasons, including quality of life, affordability and the ability to start his own business in the main business district of a city, without breaking the bank. . . .

“I have been to Taiwan, Hong Kong and France, and really none of them compares in terms of being a deeply connected community that is dedicated to making sure everyone is successful, not just the newcomers,” Mr. Canal said. “My friends ask me why I did it, then when they come visit, they get it.”

The “middle of somewhere,” as Salena calls it. Of course, blue state and city politicians help, by making their locales much worse places to live, work, and invest.