JUSTICE IS DONE: Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted of all charges in Kenosha shooting.

This is a big deal not only because of the merits of the individual case, which manifestly shouldn’t have been brought, but because all the effort around it by the left was aimed at establishing the principle that their thugs could riot in the streets, but that normals don’t dare resist. This is a huge setback for that effort.

UPDATE: A friend texts: “Watching the media and lefty pols cover for mostly peaceful douche antifa riots should be interesting. Who knows, maybe at long last they have some shame…” Oh, I doubt that.

I hope the prosecutor in this case will face ethics charges for his disgraceful behavior. There need to be consequences. (Bumped).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Hannah Cox on the prosecution: If this is what they do in a high-profile case, just imagine what goes on when they’ve got a poor defendant with a public defender who is juggling hundreds of cases.

Well, on the one hand absolutely. On the other hand, there was a political imperative to get Rittenhouse that is missing in ordinary cases.