November 3, 2021

I THINK THEY’RE WITHIN THE MARGIN OF FRAUD, BUT WE CAN HOPE: Dem disaster: Did they lose … *New Jersey*?

To be clear, Murphy still has the advantage. New Jersey is still a blue state, and the ballots left to be counted will more likely tilt his direction — but it’s not certain, of course. Not to mention that it shouldn’t have been this close in the first place.

Commentators attempting to explain the inexplicable last night, both in New Jersey and in Virginia, which was a lot more explicable — tried to pass this off as just a natural replay of 2009. It’s true that both states have a history of flipping against newly elected presidents, but there’s a big difference in both states from twelve years ago. Both of them got a lot bluer over the last decade, Virginia especially so. Republicans hadn’t competed successfully for statewide votes in either state for the better part of a decade before last night. On top of that, Murphy was a relatively popular incumbent, or so it seemed. Democrats can excuse Virginia as being saddled with a terrible candidate in Terry McAuliffe, but that wasn’t the case in New Jersey.

Well, Biden’s terrible. And he hasn’t even been in office for a year yet.

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