October 26, 2021

WHAT THEY DO INSTEAD OF FIXING THEIR PROBLEMS: Damage Control: Yale Law School Scrubs Administrator Profiles from Website. Consciousness of guilt. Plus:

Both administrators came under fire after the Washington Free Beacon published audio of their conversations with Colbert. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) likened Eldik and Cosgrove’s veiled threats to a mafia shakedown. “That’s a nice legal career you’ve got ahead of you,” FIRE’s Aaron Terr limned the exchange. “Would be a real shame if something happened to it.”

The Atlantic‘s Conor Friedersdorf wrote that “the behavior of Yale Law’s diversity bureaucrats was unethical, discreditable, and clearly incompatible with key values that the elite law school purports to uphold.” And the Washington Post‘s Ruth Marcus said Cosgrove and Eldik’s language was “reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution,” a comparison that Yale Law School’s Asian-American affinity group called “offensively racist.”

Professors at Yale Law School were likewise aghast at the administrators’ conduct. Roberta Romano, a professor of corporate law, threatened to “correct the record” if the law school did not admit to having punished protected speech. Another professor slammed the school’s initial statement in the wake of the controversy, saying it was “appallingly disingenuous and full of falsehoods.”

Some have even called for the administrators to be fired. “If, after a full and fair hearing, administrators are found guilty of violating free speech or other academic freedom rights of students or faculty, they should be dismissed,” said Princeton University’s Robert George. “Until this begins to happen, you can expect more of this.”

No justice, no peace, as they say.

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