September 7, 2004

EFFECTS OF A NATIONAL SALES TAX: TaxProf links to a study.

UPDATE: Gary Comer notes the source:

The link to the TaxProf blog regarding the idea of a national sales tax is interesting, but I do notice that the study that is referenced by TaxProf is from ITEP, an organization funded in part by The Streisand Foundation (yes, as in Barbara Streisand) and having on its board as Vice President Robert Kuttner of the very liberal publication The American Prospect and as board member Robert Reich, the former Clinton Secretary of Labor and now a leading spokesperson for the political left.

So while I can’t necessarily at this point speak to the accuracy of the report itself, not having fully analyzed it, it does seem as if the source of the report has a distinct bias.

Perhaps one of the econobloggers will post a fuller analysis.

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