WILLIAM SHATNER corrects the Duke of Cambridge about space flight.

Following Prince William’s comments about issues around current space flights, William Shatner responded to the royal’s concerns. The actor both justified his trip as well as to shut down what the Duke of Cambridge had to say.

“He’s a lovely, gentle, educated Englishman, but he’s got the wrong idea,” Shatner told Entertainment Tonight.

The star explained what he meant by noting that the “idea here is not to go, ‘Yeah, look at me. I’m in space.’” Instead, he said that “the prince is missing the point. The point is these are the baby steps to show people [that] it’s very practical. You can send somebody like me up into space.”

“We’ve got all the technology, the rockets, to send the things up there… You can build a base 250, 280 miles above the Earth and send that power down here, and they catch it, and they then use it, and it’s there. All it needs is… somebody as rich as Jeff Bezos [to say], ‘Let’s go up there.’”

Going a little deeper to explain that “the idea of getting industry up there” is “so that all those polluting industries, especially, for example, the industries that make electricity” end up “off of Earth.”

Although Shatner did agree with the royal when it comes to the fact that we should be putting work in on our own planet, he said, “So fix some of the stuff down here … But we can curl your hair and put lotion on your face at the same time.”

It’s a bit rich for a member of the British royal family to complain that something’s more spectacle than substance.