BIDEN’S RETURN TO NORMALCY: White House: Cancel Christmas? “Forget malaise, and let’s start talking Grinch. With supply-chain issues still festering for months and inflation beginning to roar, retailers wonder whether they can provide the goods for the holiday season on which they rely for fiscal solvency. The White House offered its advice yesterday, which was. . . get used to disappointment.”

Plus: “If consumers have to start dropping down to Plans C, D, and E before Black Friday, that’s going to create massive discontent. And that massive discontent will only make Biden’s polling woes worse. It looks as though that will be the case, because the Biden administration has let this fester for something much longer than ‘a relatively short period of time.’ Container ships have backed up for months off the coast of California, thanks to a lack of access and labor to unload them and then ship their contents throughout the country. One of those ships reportedly busted an oil well head with its anchor, causing the Huntington Beach spill that briefly closed beaches. The lack of access to goods has spurred inflation even further, while consumers have already made do with ‘substitutable’ goods for the last several months. Politico reports that Joe Biden and his team have taken a sudden and belated interest in the chaos, having spent the last few months insisting it wasn’t a problem in the first place.”

Well, they’ve been looking at the polls. My advice to Democrats: Get used to disappointment.