August 30, 2004


I think the punch we pack with our style is very powerful. That’s why we’ve attracted a lot of college students and high-school students who are hungry for an outlet to do exactly this. They look like the type of person you would find at the antiwar protests, but that doesn’t mean they share the same ideology. Part of the appeal of the left up until now has been, “Look, forget ideology, we’re cool. We’re here to have fun.” That really struck a chord with a younger generation. I think that’s changing, and I think we’re part of evidence.

I guess this is just another sign that the left is losing its teen spirit, something that’s been discussed before.

UPDATE: Michael Ubaldi emails:

Alfia has a point about image and iconography. The stereotype that righties are old guys in suits smoking cigarillos made from $100 bills has been spoon-fed for decades; just open a thesaurus and look up “conservative.” But just give a quick look around: who’s calling for Third Worlders to be given the same rights we enjoy? Protest Warriors, Sabine Herold’s Liberté Cherie, Conservative Punk, adjuncts to Daneshjoo; all friends of the right. I don’t think Bruce Springsteen and friends understand how silly and hypocritical they look by talking about love and peace while flipping the bird to Iraqis and Afghans.

Besides mocking the left, Protest Warrior offers a chance for young adults to be part of real protests for real progress.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Here’s an older interview of Alfia from when Protest Warrior was just getting started. Best bit: “And since the Republican party is sure to continue its tradition of weak, pathetic, uninspiring ads, it’s time for the grassroots to pick up the slack.”

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