KAROL MARKOWICZ: Parents fight school mask mandates for kids – just follow the science, they plead.

One of the more outspoken pro-mask members of the school board, ​​Alexandria Ayala, was photographed recently partying maskless in a large crowd at the swanky Breakers Palm Beach. Outrage ensued. Ayala took to Twitter to argue she still believes in masking children at school. “Vaccinated adults around other vaccinated people can go maskless. But until students are vaxxed, they need to stay masked.”

Of course, all data shows unvaccinated kids have an even lower risk of a poor COVID-19 outcome than vaccinated adults. It’s this exact rejection of the data that has led people like Ayala to turn masking into a political statement even though they themselves can’t maintain it.

Plus: “In most blue areas, masking has long become a virtue signal instead of a safety measure.”