UNPRODUCTIVE PARASITE HAS VIEWS: UN secretary-general criticizes “billionaires joyriding to space.”

If you’re actually worried about people losing trust in governments and institutions, the source of the problem is much closer to home.

Plus, note the views of an Earth Sciences professor who cares so much about the planet he flew all the way to France to tell us:

Another panelist was also critical. “If it was up to me, I would use all the financial resources they’re spending for other purposes,” said Drew Shindell, professor of earth science at Duke University who does research in climate science. “I don’t think it’s a particularly valuable use of time and effort. It does help drive the market for access to space, so not entirely a bad thing.”

“I would be happy if those people also, say, donated the equivalent price of a ticket to space, to something about the environment, for example,” he added, appearing in person on the panel in Toulouse, France.

I would be happy if people like Drew Shindell vowed to do all conference by Zoom from now on, using the financial resources saved to save the planet.

UPDATE: From the comments: “When the finger points to the stars, the idiot looks at the finger.”