August 12, 2004

FROM TAMPA: My friend and former bandmate Larry DeWitte emails:

Well it’s 9:45 on Thursday night and we are starring down the barrel of a Cat 3 hurricane which at current estimates will make landfall in our backyard. We are under mandatory evacuation but for the time being we and many of our neighbors are sticking tight. At the moment there is not a cloud in the sky or even a breeze blowing. I am sure tomorrow will tell a different tale. I am sure once the 110 mph winds start ripping off the second story we will be wishing we were inland. Of course I bought a new boat last week, but hey, it’s all good. The “Double Shot” is triple tied in the slip. Maybe we would be better off staying on the boat and riding the storm surge on in to Orlando.

I’ve suggested that he head inland. More hurricane news here. Is anybody blogging this down there?

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