August 10, 2004

FORGET VIETNAM: Say, did you know that we’re fighting a war right now? Shocking, but true.

The Belmont Club has a roundup of how things are going: “Although it may be premature to say that the War on Terror is rising to a crescendo, recent events have imparted a distinct sense of movement, as in ‘hey, this thing might actually be going somewhere’. . . . The truism that victory has many fathers while defeat is an orphan may partially explain why the Democratic Party sought to rebrand itself as the War Party during its recently concluded convention in Boston.”


UPDATE: Austin Bay emails from Iraq:

Victory has many fathers.. Remember my letter to you where I said we had made the “big move” equivalent to the big moves we made in 1944? I argued there’s still tough sledding ahead but we’re winning. I was not blowing off steam. . . . I do think we’re winning. I’ll have more thoughts when I get back in three or four weeks.

I look forward to reading them.

In the meantime, read this essay by Stephen Green, too: “Nobody ever has a plan for the peace. Or if they do, it will prove useless. ‘No peace plan survives the last battle’ is the VodkaPundit corollary to Clausewitz’s dictum that no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.”

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