August 6, 2004

EARLIER, I noted a story saying that one of the Swift Boat Veterans against Kerry had recanted his story. But now he’s saying that he stands by his story, and that the earlier report misquoted him. And the author of the earlier report, a Boston Globe reporter, turns out to also be the author of what seems to be the official Kerry campaign biography. Sounds fishy.

UPDATE: More on this story and the background of Kerry’s service here. Lots of links and information.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Interesting connection between conflicts of interest at the Globe and campaign finance reform: “What we have here is an unpaid, ongoing, every day commercial for the Kerry campaign on behalf of the Boston Globe. The Boston Globe is nothing more than a Kerry campaign house organ when this guy Kranish writes the stories, and nothing about campaign finance reform can stop it. In fact campaign finance reform has empowered the media.”

The whole thing seems kind of fishy to me, and I’m not convinced we know the whole story. I wish we could count on media watchdogs like Romenesko to get to the bottom of stuff like this, but his coverage of news that impacts badly on Kerry’s campaign has been rather thin.

ANOTHER UPDATE: More on Kranish here.

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