I’VE NEVER BELIEVED THAT, BUT YEAH: If You Believe “The Worse, the Better” Joe Biden Is the President You’ve Been Waiting For. “In my next-to-last post I said Joe Biden gave the worst speech by any president in my lifetime. In his relentless pursuit of perfection, Biden excelled himself and gave an even worse speech yesterday. . . . Not only has Biden given the worst presidential speeches of my lifetime, he has cemented his place as the worst, most destructive president of my lifetime, supplanting–by a mile–the loathsome LBJ. Alas, LBJ’s deficiencies became acute when he was entering the last year of his first full term (and his fifth year in office). Biden’s are manifest mere months after his inauguration. And his abject failings, and stubborn, disdainful refusal to brook any objection, are fanning the flames of civil conflict that could make the Vietnam protests look tame by comparison.”

Well, fuck Joe Biden, as the college kids say. And I was just making the LBJ comparison myself.