July 29, 2004

MICKEY KAUS gives Edwards qualified praise, though he observes something I noted last night: “Like many great performers, he’s reached the stage where his tricks and mannerisms have become self-conscious and exaggerated–he’s added a layer of parody and smug confidence on top of them (including an annoying ‘that-line-will-work’ smirk at inappropriate times) that makes them less effective.” Overall, though, Mickey pronounces the speech a success. Andrew Sullivan thinks Edwards sounded tough on the war; Kaus doesn’t.

Jeff Taylor, on the other hand, doesn’t think so: “Edwards’ speech stacked up the gifts a Kerry administration would bestow upon Americans like the final, desperate appeal of an infomercial. . . . But it sets up a perfect pitch for the GOP to knock out of the park, as they have done on tax issues for 20 years now.” More comments from Nick Gillespie (“having a father who worked in a mill (some of the time as a supervisor!) means never having to say you’re wealthy”), and a link to the text of Edwards’ speech, here.

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