SO MY DAUGHTER WENT TO OUTBACK AT THE ORLANDO AIRPORT TODAY AND THEY HAD NO STEAK. Yeah, you read that right. I don’t know why. Couldn’t hire a line cook who could be trusted to cook a steak? Supply chain problems? Whatever, it was weird. I was texting with a friend who commented “No steak at the Orlando airport Outback has a canary in a coal mine sound about it.” Well, maybe. There are a lot of canaries out there and most of them don’t mean anything. Most of them.

I keep getting messages and emails from friends about food shortages in the restaurant industry, but they’re all friend-of-a-friend stuff. I’ve asked some of my friends who actually own restaurants and they say supply is okay but delivery is iffy due to a shortage of truck drivers. Meanwhile my daughter made do with a barbecued chicken sandwich. Me, I had a lovely 16 oz. ribeye at J.C. Holdway last night for a birthday dinner. Also a grilled bone marrow appetizer.