July 26, 2004

LAST WEEK’S KETCHUP TASTE TEST, comparing Heinz ketchup with W Ketchup, led to some complaints that I was ignoring a worthy third competitor: Bush Country Ketchup.

Because this is a Fair And Balanced Weblog, I immediately ordered a bottle from their website. Today, I gave it the test, and included the W Ketchup again to make it a 3-way comparison. Once again, Heinz is the winner, but this time it was actually close. The Bush Country Ketchup is, like W, sweeter. But it’s got a rounder, more tomatoey, less processed flavor. The W ketchup came in third, though it actually seemed better than it was the first time around. Perhaps (as one reader suggested) it simply needed to breathe, like a fine wine. . . .

Anyway, Heinz is still the winner in the Ketchup wars. Any political conclusions you want to draw from that are entirely your own.

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