THE BRITS HAVE A TRADITION OF THIS SORT OF THING: The UK is considering incorporating Afghan special forces evacuated from Kabul into the British army.

Afghan special forces could join the British Army as part of a new regiment being considered by UK MPs, the Telegraph reported.

Hundreds of the Afghan commandos who’ve arrived in the UK over the past few weeks have been trained by UK troops in Afghanistan.

Ministers are considering the proposal to employ the soldiers. The arrangement would be similar to the Gurkhas – soldiers from Nepal who are recruited into the British army – the Telegraph reported. . . .

Afghan troops played a “crucial role” in Operation Pitting, the British military’s operation to evacuate 15,000 people from Kabul, and the largest British evacuation since World War II, the Metro reported.

Gen. Sir Richard Barrons, a former head of Joint Forces Command, described the Afghan special forces as “very good by international standards,” the Telegraph reported.

Defense sources told the newspaper that the Afghan troops could be incorporated into British forces or kept as a separate unit.

Four Afghan officer cadets who were due to join the Afghan National Army are already enrolled at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, with three more set to start next weekend, the newspaper reported.

Tom Tugendhat, the chair of the foreign affairs committee, said: “We trained and fought alongside many Afghans who are now in the UK. They’ve proved their loyalty a thousand times.

“If they want to serve, we should welcome them. I would love to see a regiment of Afghan scouts.”

Despite our leaving them in the lurch, the British seem to have dealt with this skedaddle debacle much better than we have.