July 26, 2004

PUTTING PROTESTERS IN A CAMP: Here’s what one convention blogger reports from Boston:

Rather than letting people protest near The Fleet Center, they are putting them in a camp….at least, that’s what it looks like. I walked through it this morning. The protester’s cage is about a block away, a maze of overhead netting, chain link fencing and razor wire will be the protesting area.

It’s more crushing of dissent!

UPDATE: More crushing of dissent here:

Organisers at the Democratic Party convention in United States have removed Aljazeera’s logotype banner from its skybox without assigning reasons. . . .

“We found that the banner disappeared for some reason,” Aljazeera’s Washington bureau chief Hafiz al-Mirazi said.

I blame John Ashcroft! Er, or did anyone see Sandy Berger hanging around, and think to check his pants?

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