EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Biden asks for ‘contingency plans’ to extend Afghanistan withdrawal in stunning reversal.

A friend comments:

I believe the taliban told him to go. But hey, I thought he had this…
All the makings of a perfect flaming shit storm.

This just officially stopped being the Afghan War and became the Joe Biden War.

Everyone owned a piece of the Afghan War. This one’s all his. His and whoever gets stuck in it.

Epic folly unfolding before our eyes. It didn’t have to be like this.

Advanced petard hoistment. Closing the barn door a day late and a dollar short. They all work. Way to go, Joe.

And it will all be at other people’s expense.

As usual.

UPDATE: He adds: “You know, if and when things go south, watch for that Suribachi brigade of Taliban to start playing games dressed and equipped like Americans.”