July 20, 2004

THERE’S LOTS OF COMMENTARY on the Berger grilling over at Stephen Green’s place, including this observation about a Chris Lehane talk-TV appearance: “Lehane didn’t answer a single question, he just rattled off a set of rather nasty talking points with a Joker-worthy fixed grin. And he looked absolutely terrified.”

UPDATE: Useful question here: Why didn’t Berger tell Kerry he was under investigation?

Why, indeed?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Clinton knew months ago, but Kerry didn’t? As Roger Simon notes, Clinton isn’t doing Kerry any favors here. Chalk one up for those Clinton-will-torpedo-Kerry-so-Hillary-can-run-in-2008 conspiracy theorists? Attention theorists: Maybe he’s the leaker — he knew!

And Andrew Sullivan has more questions.

More here, too.

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