A couple of thoughts about Kabul. Because we haven’t seen suicide bombers at the airport or an American hostage crisis, it’s because we are on the Taliban’s timeline. No rush. The humiliation of the United States is proceeding apace.

Do they actually control ISIS elements? Maybe. Maybe not. Wild card.

US forces have taken a hit for staying behind walls while the British and French go into the city to bring their people out.

The British and French go in at the pleasure of the Taliban, who I suspect are not that interested in them at this time. Except to the extent they may serve as bait to draw in US forces.

If US forces did go into Kabul at anything less than brigade strength, it could be Mogadishu. Even at brigade strength, the Taliban will be calling the shots. Shutting off streets. Making use of American hostages and human shields.

This doesn’t excuse the Americans. Just underscores how grievously the high command and the commander in chief bollixed this. They created this vulnerability by granting the upper hand quite predictably to the Taliban.

In any case, this thing is only just beginning, and could become a lot uglier.
I think you popped the line, “Party like it’s 1842.”

Yeah. Don’t think the Taliban don’t know their history and that they are not intent on securing an even better place in it.

I hope I’m wrong, but I think the cost of blundering by President Biden, Gen. Milley etal has yet to be fully reckoned.

Sadly, I agree.