Biden’s statement that he has seen ‘no question of our credibility from our allies’ has said allies furious. Every NATO country has people trapped in Afghanistan and they tend to be trust fund babies or friends of trust fund babies. Every prime minister’s phone is blowing up with VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE asking how they’re going to get their kids or their kids’ friends out of Afghanistan and every ally is blowing up the phones of the White House and State Department and getting jack shit from them.

And they’re all blaming ‘America’ but they also know it’s on Biden.

Somebody can probably get an at least ‘off the record’ statement on this from just about any embassy in NATO.

Furious doesn’t cover it.

You’d think that this administration would know all about the management of trust fund babies.

UPDATE: Another friend writes:

Reporters are only calling BS re the airport because their own ox is being gored. I call BS on their belated, situational flailing at accountability. Now they’re indignant, how many lies later?

Pathetic hacks.

That said, he’s making fools of them. Dragging them down with him. Could be a positive development. A corrective sense of embarrassment at long last.

(But I doubt it).

So do I.