July 16, 2004

SALON is carrying water for Joe Wilson. Ed Morrissey isn’t impressed. The notion that editorials on Wilson, in response to the release of major reports blowing Wilson’s credibility out of the water, are somehow “choreographed” seems to me to undermine the Salon case. Indeed, this sentence from the Salon piece seems to undermine the whole “vast right-wing conspiracy” argument all by itself: “The opinion pieces came on the heels of a July 10 report in the Washington Post that said Wilson lied when he claimed in public statements that his wife, a covert Central Intelligence Agency officer, had not recommended him for a fact-finding mission to Niger in 2002.”

That’s not choreography. That’s consequences.

UPDATE: One of Morrissey’s commenters observes a conflict of interest: “I guess Salon.com is worried about selling tickets for their cruise.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Vast Left Wing Conspiracy: Jonah Goldberg notes that the Salon piece is authored by Wes Clark’s former press secretary, and observes: “I mean, come on, there is some actual merit to the case that Wilson deliberately lied for partisan reasons about some of the most serious issues imagineable. That’s pretty much been proven. The case that Bush lied, meanwhile, continues to fall apart.”

MORE: Ed Morrissey observes this failure to disclose: “I went back and double-checked the Salon article — and they never mention Jacoby’s connection to the Democratic party. Double-plus-good interesting ….”

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