July 8, 2004


Who will be the first prominent commentator on the left to finally step up to bat and say that the Niger/uranium story may have had real legs?

I know it won’t be Paul Krugman or Maureen Dowd, Atrios or Daily Kos, of course.

And TPM is still, it appears, working on a Big Story.

But can’t someone with integrity on the Left at least entertain the fact that there is more to this story than Joe Wilson’s all clear?

We’ll see.

UPDATE: More thoughts from Edward Boyd. I certainly don’t know the whole story here — but it seems pretty clear that what has been peddled as “the whole story” isn’t.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Djerejian is also harshly critical of The New Republic’s “July surprise” story, and that post is worth reading too. “I’m surprised they didn’t instruct Musharraf and Co. to spring UBL the day Kerry picked Edwards! Can anyone seriously, without blushing, buy this stuff?”

They’re not buying. They’re selling.

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